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Company / Corporates needs to increase its involvement in GREEN practices. Customer todays are more inclined in making environmentally responsible choices. The companies, corporates, construction companies are also going green. So, Prefabricated STP / ETP (Sewage Treatment Plants / Effluent Treatment Plants are becoming more popular because of its advantages like –
1. Superior Quality
2. Affordability
3. Environment Friendly
4. Time Saver
5. Adaptability.
6. Recyclable.
Modular or prefabricated STP / ETP is a viable solution across all verticals of the industries due to its superior affordability and environmental friendliness. This type of STP or ETPs  are constructed by first making its parts in a factory including the Bioreactors, Settling Tanks, Filters etc.  and then putting them together in the actual location. This is highly effective, takes only a few days to a few weeks to complete.
Furthermore, prefab STPs are very adaptable to individual needs. They’re easily adaptable to new configurations, making them suitable for a wide variety of settings.
And the most essential aspect of prefab structure is that it’s environmentally friendly, especially compared to conventional building methods. The following are some reasons why:
1. Uses Less Time
Civil Constructions now a days is a heck of work and needs to be coordinated in multiple levels and that consumes lot of time, whereas the prefabricated Secondary and tertiary units of the STP and ETP lake lesser time and saves a lot for the end client. The time spent on prefabrication is often less than half that spent on conventional building methods.
2. Less Waste Production.
The prefabricated individual units of STP/ETP are manufactured in a controlled factory settings, so the overall wastages are pretty less as mostly all of these are recyclable and plg and play of nature. Wastes like broken materials, unusable materials, rubble, and other debris can be reduced or eliminated during prefab construction compared to conventional building methods.
3. Easily Scalable and Recyclable.
The capacity enhancement? No worries….. the Prefab STP or ETP are scalable and increasing the size of processes vessels as per the design won’t take much efforts. Additionally, all the parts of prefab building materials are cut accurately.
4. Durable
Besides energy efficiency, another aspect to think about when evaluating a building’s effect on the environment is its durability. When a STP is well-constructed, it can withstand the elements for decades. Generally speaking, the longer a structure lasts, the less environmental impact it has because you don’t have to do as many upgrades and repairs over time. This, in turn, lowers your need for more resources and energy.
5. Negligible Environment Disturbance.
Since prefab STP / ETP entails putting together different pieces of secondary and Tertiary treatment components, the finished structures can be moved around easily, avoiding the need for demolition and saving a lot of time and money. They may be moved from one location to another with little to no impact on the natural environment.
They have simplified design and as per the space availability at the client’s site.  While assembling the structures at site the environmental disturbance like noise pollution, air pollution are also greatly reduces as compared while doing the civil construction.
Prefabricated STP or ETP will be more advisable, If you’re looking to lessen your impact on the environment, Money, Time. These helps you limiting the environmental damage as compared to building the Civil Structures.
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